Big-tasting egg products made, packed and priced right

Today’s consumers count on C-Stores for quick, delicious foods that are great on the go. Satisfy their cravings by using wholesome Sunny Fresh™ egg products as the building blocks for easy-prep, portable menu items that will take your food program to the next level. With the right products, right price, right packaging, and right availability, we deliver big taste to help you drive big breakfast sales, all day long. Because that’s Where Breakfast is Going.

Egg White Patties

Egg White Patties

Reduced in fat and cholesterol, but full in flavor for the health conscious.


Egg Squares—Scrambled

Great in sandwiches, or the perfect pairing for pancakes and French toast.

Egg Squares—Scrambled
Breakfast Builder Entry

Pre-Cooked Scrambled Eggs—
Medium Size

Golden yellow and rich in buttery goodness that adds appeal to any meal.


New - Eggs ASAP!®—Convenience Snack

Easy-serve, hard-cooked and perfectly peeled eggs ready to enjoy.

2 Pack New Top Film
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Pre-Cooked Scrambled Egg Whites - Medium Size

No fat, no cholesterol, great flavor! Perfect options for bowls, burritos and other better-for-you options.