Independent Restaurants

Create a standout menu that drives check averages higher

Developing a more enticing breakfast menu will not only boost your reputation, but your bottom line as well. By partnering with the Sunny Fresh® brand, you can overcome your critical challenges – from generating new traffic to creating a buzz with a must-have menu item to streamlining kitchen prep – and be an innovative and profitable foodservice leader. You may be “independent,” but you’re not alone! Join us on the cutting edge of Where Breakfast is Going!

Leverage our premium product lineup to create signature menu appeal 

  • Enhance quality: Choose our distinctive Prepared Foods or Liquid Eggs to serve up satisfying favorites that bolster your image 
  • Reach beyond morning: We can help you create new favorites that meet the expanding need for anytime breakfast
  • Improve versatility: Our consistently wholesome egg products can be used as is or easily customized to create signature items
  •  Save labor: Sunny Fresh® heat-and-serve products will allow your staff to move from complex food preparation to simpler food assembly 

Use our business extras to run smarter and smoother 

  • Discover insights: We can offer in-depth research and trend information to help keep your menu fresh, flavorful and exciting
  • Run confidently: Leverage our proven distribution network to ensure that all your product supply needs are met
  • Partner with a leader: We are at the forefront of addressing issues such as minority supply requirements and animal welfare initiatives

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These four Sunny Fresh™ products are a hit with restaurants like yours. Try them today!