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We can help you design custom products with unique features and flavor profiles. Let’s work together to grow your sales.


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Everything For Your Brand

Your branded food products need to stand out from your competitors’ lineups. To achieve the growth and profits your business demands, let Sunny Fresh help you offer something unique to your consumers by:

  • Developing custom products
  • Launching new items or optimizing existing products
  • Creating distinctive flavor or health profiles to meet today’s trends

Food Manufacturing 

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Beyond the Product

Custom Innovation

We’ll help with everything from product design including taste, texture and shelf life, to scale-up and commercialization, so you launch with confidence.


Culinary Support

Looking for trending product ideas or flavor profiles? Our talented chefs can collaborate with you to achieve the taste experience and results you demand.


Marketing Support

We can offer unique consumer and category management insights, so you can develop products that win.


Risk Management Capabilities

We understand the markets and factors that can affect your pricing. Let us put our trading and supply chain expertise to work for you.


Food Manufacturing

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Prepared Eggs

Cargill prepared egg offerings are the perfect way to add the protein power of eggs to any product and take full advantage of the all-day breakfast boom.


French Toast

French toast is an ultimate breakfast comfort food. But it’s also breaking out of the morning mealtime to add excitement to snacks and other categories.


Hard Cooked Eggs

Hard cooked eggs are a nutritious source of protein at an affordable price. We offer varieties for everything from classic salads to grab-n-go snacks.


Food Processing 

Trends & Insights

Breakfasts Away From Home Expecting Growth

Currently 20% of meals consumed are purchased away from home, but emerging generational shifts signal tailwinds for meals sourced from foodservice.

Source: The NPD Group/National Eating Trends ® and CREST ®, years ending Feb 2019

Importance of Convenience

11% of consumers say convenience is most important in the foods they eat. This trend has almost doubled since 2013.

Source: The NPD Group/NET ®/CREST ®. Dec 2019

Power of Protein

61% of U.S adults want more protein in their diets. *Protein Seekers eat 9 more breakfasts per year than non-seekers.

Source: The NPD Group/Dieting Monitor; *Protein Seekers = Consumers trying to get more/follow protein guidelines compared to total consumers. Dec 2019