Say goodbye to the cooking and hassle of egg preparation. Now your kitchen staff can focus on using eggs in clever new ways for breakfast, lunch and desserts!



Easier Eggs

More Menu Possibilities

Sunny Fresh egg products eliminate cracking, cooking and heavy clean-up, making them just right for your operation. We’ve done the work for you, so you can serve home-style dishes and easily expand the appeal of eggs across your menu: 

  • Quality entrées such as omelets, frittatas and French toast
  • A variety of egg patties for hot grab-n-go sandwiches
  • Precooked scrambled eggs for center of the plate or inside flavorful wraps 
  • Liquid eggs for easy execution in scrambled eggs, omelets and decadent desserts


Restaurant & Foodservice 

Featured Egg Recipes


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Explore our product lineup and see why Sunny Fresh solutions provide the ideal fit for today’s foodservice kitchens.


Heating Instructions

This go-to guide details the best way to heat our products and optimize the taste experience for your guests. 


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See your market and patrons in a whole new way, with our in-depth insights and smart tips for meeting evolving guest needs.


Trends & Insights

Surge in “Protein” Mentions

“Protein” mentions on menus have risen nearly 77% over the last four years. Make sure your menu is keeping up and capitalizing.

Source: Datassentials, 2019

Breakfast Pizza Boom

Foodservice has seen an 89% growth in breakfast pizzas over the last four years. It’s easy to bring this trending favorite to your menu.

Source: Datassentials, 2019

Eggs in the Spotlight

Protein-packed eggs are now featured on over 72% of foodservice menus. Let Sunny Fresh help you get creative with eggs!

Source: Datassentials, 2019