Market Insights

Using deeper market knowledge to guide innovation and solve challenges

Turning Insights Into Smarter Solutions

Consumers are continually seeking out new and different products to meet their evolving needs. Our research experts leverage a range of resources to deliver channel-focused insights that: 

  • Make sense of what customers want and need
  • Guide the innovation process
  • Create and deliver successful solutions

Our Research Capabilities Include:

  • Consumer and category trend tracking
  • Category management for leading proteins
  • Proprietary market studies
  • Custom product research

Trends & Insights

Easier Breakfast Access

Students want access to breakfast beyond the cafeteria. Add food carts or other points of sale so they can grab meals and snacks and stay on schedule.


K-12 Kitchen Insights

Check out our study of K-12 operations around the country for new insights into what students want and what staff need. How does your kitchen compare? 


Exclusive Research

Get into the mind of your C-store shopper and discover how to better anticipate their needs.