About Us

Our story

Working hard to make eggs easier for you, since 1985.

Success the Sunny Fresh® way

The Sunny Fresh legacy reaches back to The Wright Co., which started in the 1920s and focused on producing shell eggs in Monticello, Minnesota. In 1985, Wright joined the Cargill family under the Sunny Fresh Foods name. We sold our laying hens to change the focus from shell eggs to providing customer solutions with fully prepared eggs.

We partner with trusted family farms to source high quality eggs that we prepare at our four Midwest plants. Our business continues to grow, as more customers experience the value-added benefits of our products. In teaming with Sunny Fresh and Cargill, our customers can leverage our broad capabilities – and we can be a part of their unique success story!


Cargill helps the world thrive

We’re proud to be part of Cargill, a company committed to nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way, and maximizing value for businesses like yours. Cargill offers:

  • Over 150 years of expertise and a passionate team devoted to creating the future of food, across these businesses:
    • Food Ingredients & Bio-Industrial 
    • Agriculture Supply Chain
    • Protein & Salt
    • Animal Nutrition 
    • Metals & Shipping
  • Insights and connections across the food value chain to help you achieve your goals for innovation, access, reliability, safety and sustainability
  • A total commitment to delivering The Power of Protein:
    • Offering Sunny Fresh eggs, beef, cooked meats and turkey products
    • Making the future of protein more sustainable by addressing the issues most important to farmers, ranchers, customers, NGOs and other stakeholders


Discover the Sunny Fresh® difference

With Sunny Fresh on your side, growth beyond what you believed possible is in your reach. No matter the size of your kitchen or the depth of your staff, we can help get you to the next level. Our on-trend egg products and menu inspiration delivers powerful opportunities, and effortless prep saves you time and money, every day. Sunny Fresh is here to help you:

  • Offer standout egg creations, even with limited kitchen equipment and skills
  • Elevate standard egg dishes by adding a simple ingredient or two
  • Confidently add ethnic twists to standard fare and appeal to more guests
  • Take eggs across your menu to cover more dayparts and grow your sales

How Sunny Fresh brings sustainability to life