Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions:


Each Plain and Cheddar Cheese Omelet is equivalent to 2 eggs, and each Colby Cheese Omelet is equivalent to 1 egg.

All time periods start from the “manufactured date” on the product:

Refrigerated Liquid Eggs:

  • Shelf Life is 70 days (7 weeks) for carton products, and 60 days for bag-in-box products.
  • Use within 3 days of opening carton or bag.

Frozen Egg Products (cartons and bags):

  • Shelf Life is 1 year from date of production.
  • Once thawed, use within 3 days.

Egg Patties, Omelets and Diced Eggs:

  • Shelf Life is 6 months from date of production for frozen egg products.
  • Once thawed, use within 2 to 3 days.

Hard Cooked Eggs:

  • Shelf Life for Pillow Pak: 10 weeks from production; Pail Products: 9 weeks.
  • Once opened, use within 2-3 days.

The product is flushed with inert gases that prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

When comparing our liquid egg products to regular shell eggs, use these guidelines:

3 tbsp = About 1 large egg
1 cup = About 5 large eggs
2 cups = About 10 large eggs
1-lb. carton = About 9 large eggs
2-lb. carton = About 18 large eggs
5-lb. carton or bag = About 45 large eggs
20-lb bag = About 180 large eggs

10-lb. pails: About 103 eggs
20-lb. pails: About 205 eggs

They can be frozen, but it is not recommended. The liquid egg will separate and will need to be shaken or stirred when thawed. Once opened after being frozen, they need to be used immediately and cannot be refrozen.

A Sunny Fresh™ omelet would cost you about $0.864 per omelet, vs. about $1.48 to make one from scratch, when you factor in labor and cleanup. Get all the details now by downloading our free Entrée Cost Comparison Report.

An omelet with ingredients mixed and baked right into the egg, instead of placing ingredients inside the fold as with a traditional omelet. It’s a more convenient alternative that creates less mess when preparing it and eating it.

Scrambled Selections™ Light & Fluffy has more egg whites than Scrambled Selections™ Original, generating a lighter overall body and texture for the product.

Some products – such as the Scrambled Selections™ Light & Fluffy and the Buttermilk Blend – already have milk as an ingredient, so additional milk would not be needed. With other offerings, the product choice and final use will determine if milk should be added and in what amount. Contact your local sales representative for assistance.

Citric acid is used to standardize the pH of our products and generate a consistent flavor and appearance. Specifically, we use it to prevent our Refrigerated Liquid Eggs and other products from taking on a greenish hue.

Eggs will naturally darken or “green” if they are over-cooked or held for too long at too high of a temperature. Greening is harmless and does not affect the wholesomeness of the eggs.

The Julian date code assigns a three-digit number to each day of the year, from 001 (January 1st) to 365 (December 31st). A fourth digit such as the number ‘0’, or the fourth and fifth digits as in ‘10’, to represent year 2010.

So, for products produced on August 11, 2010 the Julian date code: 2230 or 22310 would read:

  • 223 = August 11 (the 223rd day of the year)
  • 0 or 10 = 2010

Many of our products are Kosher. Check our Products section for the type of item you are looking for.

Water, Citric Acid, Monosodium Phosphate and Potassium Sorbate.

No, because the bag will keep the steam inside to retain heat for more even cooking. All the Individually Wrapped items are made from ovenable and microwavable Mylar.

Our Sunny Fresh™ brand prepared egg products are cooked and ready to eat. Preparation instructions are included with our prepared products. Because our products are ready to eat, they can be heated using many different types of equipment. However, if the pizza oven is used, which is not the preferred piece of equipment from a temperature consistency or product appearance perspective, please make sure the item is completely thawed beforehand and wrapped in aluminum foil to maintain product appearance.

To achieve the best heating results, we recommend that you follow the included preparation instructions.

Each Sunny Fresh liquid egg product comes with a specialized set of cooking instructions designed to provide the ideal eating experience. We also provide general cooking recommendations which are available for download here.

Click here to view the instructions. For further information, please contact us at

Shipping Questions:

1,000 lbs.


Tuesdays at noon for delivery the following week.

No. Each temperature requires its own minimums because we cannot guarantee delivery on the same truck.

St. Michael, Minnesota, USA

Our plants are for production and are not equipped to be set up as FOB points. Products are shipped from the plants to St. Michael, Minnesota, USA.