Precooked Scrambled

Egg Walking Taco

Serving Size: 12

Egg Walking Taco


  • −18 oz. Taco-flavored tortilla chips (or 12 individual bags of Walking Taco chips) 
  • −24 oz. Sunny Fresh® Bacon & Cheese EggStravaganza® 
  • −24 oz. Premade taco meat 
  • −12 oz. Shredded lettuce 
  • −6 oz. Mild salsa 
  • −6 oz. Low fat sour cream


Warm EggStravaganza® and taco meat to serving temps and hold. Mix sour cream and salsa together for topping finished dish.


Place 1.5 oz. of tortilla chips in a boat (or use Walking Taco-ready pouch), top with  2 oz. EggStravaganza®, 2 oz. taco meat, 1 oz. lettuce, and drizzle sour cream and salsa mixture.