Omelets and Frittatas

Crunchy Egg Taco

Serving Size: 50

Crunchy Egg Taco


  • 50 6" whole wheat tortilla 
  • 50 Sunny Fresh® Cheddar Cheese Omelets 
  • Optional: 25 oz. chorizo


Heat omelets and chorizo, if using.


  1. Lay out tortillas on parchment lined sheet trays.
  2. Place omelet and optional chorizo on half of the tortilla and fold over.

Heat and serve

When the sheet tray is full with wraps, place and additional sheet tray on top and place into a 400ºF oven. Cook until top and bottom form a nice crunchy surface (usually 8-10 min.) Remove product from oven and place  in holding cabinet until service.