Japanese Steakhouse Omelet

Serving Size: 10

Japanese Steakhouse Omelet


  • 10 Sunny Fresh® Scrambled Egg Square, folded 
  • 10 oz. Steak slices, fully cooked 
  • 1 lb. Grilled onions and charred Shishito peppers 
  • Soy or ponzu sauce for dipping and sauté 
  • Togarashi seasoning — optional


  1. Grill yellow onion slices and charred shishito pepper slices until browned
  2. Add steak slices and drizzle with ponzu sauce (add togarashi seasoning at this point — optional)
  3. Warm folded egg, then unfold and stuff with steak and pepper mixture
  4. Serve with a side of ponzu sauce