Torta Egg Sandwich

Serving Size: 50

Torta Egg Sandwich


  • 50 telera rolls −6¼ cups (50 oz.) avocado mash 
  • 100 slices tomato 
  • 50 Sunny Fresh® Scrambled Egg Patties 
  • 3 cups queso fresco 
  • Optional: Add refried beans, chorizo, steak, bacon or ham



  • Split rolls in half, leaving a small portion still connected and making a pocket.  Heat egg patties in oven heated to 350°F., or steamer, for 10 minutes.
  • Spread 1 oz. avocado mash on bottom of roll then add 2 tomato slices on top.  Add heated egg patty and 1 tbsp. queso fresco. If desired, add choice of meat  or refried beans before avocado mash.